College of Education

As an educator, you’ll wear many hats—learning facilitator, mentor, counselor, visionary, role model and so much more. Our faculty consist of educators with real-world classroom experience, who will equip you to serve in any educational setting, all while helping you grow and strengthen your faith as the foundation of your career.


Success by the Numbers

Percentage of SEU education graduates who are offered teaching positions prior to the start of the next school year following graduation
Number of hours students spend observing, practicing and working with parents and administrators prior to the student teaching experience
4 + 1
Our ESE 4+1 program allows students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in ESE in just five years.
Number of years in a row an SEU student has received the FATE award and been recognized as a top student teacher in the state of Florida
“We don’t believe in just teaching courses. We believe in educating the whole student because that’s what we want our students to do in their K–12 classrooms.”
Dr. James Anderson, Dean for the College of Education

Mission Statement

The College of Education, a community of faith and learning, provides exemplary instruction and leadership dedicated to the development and preparation of Christian educators and professionals to serve in our ever-changing, diverse world.


Katlyn Walden

Exceptional Student Education (ESE 4+1 Program) ’14

Support from dedicated faculty and Katlyn’s passion for educating students are just two of the reasons she was selected for the 2014 Florida Association of Teacher Educators (FATE) award, making this the ninth year in a row an SEU senior was selected for this top scholar-teacher award.

Study Abroad

SEU Study Abroad offers many opportunities to enhance your global understanding of education and serving students. Here is just one example.

The Thailand semester program or Asia Pacific Study Abroad Initiative (APSAI) is operated through the Assemblies of God. Spend a semester in Bangkok while you learn to speak Thai, understand missions in southeastern Asia, and practically apply knowledge in a local internship of your choice. You’ll appreciate the hybrid of face-to-face courses and online courses provided through Southeastern.

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    Doctor of Education Program

    Dr. Sherrie Nickell, professor of education, shares about the future of the Doctor of Education program at SEU as well as the benefits of earning a doctoral degree at Southeastern, such as studying in a Christ-centered environment.

    My name is Dr. Sherrie Nickell and I’m a professor of Education here at Southeastern University. I’m very excited about the new Doctorate of Education Program. I think that the program is solid. I think it privies in excellence. I think that individuals who accesses this program will receive a rich education but also receive a rich spiritual underpinning for their careers. having a doctoral degree sets you apart. It places you within one percent of the total population who actually have a doctoral degree. What happens with that degree is that you can see doors opening for you that would normally not be accessible because that is certainly a gatekeeper for certain special kinds of positions. Certainly, this is just the beginning for Southeastern’s doctoral program. I think the sky is the limit in terms of all that can be accomplished. I believe that this program will grow because we are cultivating a program that will be seen as a national model of excellence for those who wish to obtain a doctoral degree in a Christian setting with those strong spiritual foundational elements. I’m very excited about it and I believe we are going to see tremendous growth in the future.
  • Tiffany Thenor

    Second Grade Teacher
    Tiffany Thenor is a Southeastern University graduate with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. Learn about her experience as a second grade teacher and drama club sponsor for low-income students. She also shares how SEU prepared her through internships and other hands-on projects.

    My name is Tiffany Thenor and I graduated from Southeastern University in 2009 with a bachelors in Elementary Education. Now I am a second grade teacher. I had a really great opportunity to continue what I learned from Southeastern and impact the lives of our next generation. I was taught that it’s import to have a professional and personal relationship with the children you’re teaching. They did a really great job of modeling that student and teacher relationship so I try to incorporate it daily in my own classroom and help them to know how important they are and how valued they are. It’s really neat when we have a child who is really struggling in the beginning of the year and at the end of the year I can see how far they’ve come. In addition to teaching second grade I was able to start a drama club. We’re able to present different musicals and different dramas a few times a year. We’re a title one school so the children that I teach come from a low income family. They aren’t presented with different opportunities that other children are so it’s really neat that they are able to perform, sing and dance on stage and feel important. The Education Department at Southeastern provided me with a lot of different hands on experiences. The different projects that professors required us to create really prepared me for the different lesson plans I’m going to have to make and I continue to make today. They assigned me a different internship every year. In my final internship I was given, I actually landed a job through it which is where I’m at today. Every year I’m given a new group of children who come in with all different skill sets and I’m able to incorporate all of the things I learned at Southeastern. Every year I get better and better. I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m able to impact the next generation and it doesn’t ever get old.
  • Anna Hall

    Education Student
    Anna Hall, a College of Education alum, shares about her passion for helping children and her journey toward becoming a professional teacher. Learn about the preparation she received at Southeastern, her internship experience and the exciting and unexpected opportunity she was offered only one month into her internship.

    Growing up, I always had this background love for kids that I just couldn’t put off to the side. I felt like I needed to be this light of love to kids who don’t really see it at home. I figured out that education would be the best way to do that. As soon as I visited Southeastern, the atmosphere, the people, it really hooked me immediately and that’s when I knew that was the school for me. What I love about the education department is everything is hands-on. You do activities, you do projects, you do sessions that you can actually use once you become a teacher and in my final internship, which is what I’m in now, you’re there for five-days a week, 7:00-3:30, whenever your corresponding teacher is and you end up taking over the whole class. You’re teaching all day every day. You’re learning really what it’s like to be a teacher, what works, what doesn’t work. You have to change your plans according to your class. It’s hard but it’s awesome to get your hands on and you become the teacher. My professors models what it’s like to have a good relationship with your students. The professors not only pour into your life inside the class but outside the class, you can always go to their offices, ask them additional questions and for more help. I think that I got more out of the classes and I’m going to be a better teacher because of the individual time that they were able to spend with me and I think that’s what makes Southeastern so unique compared to other schools. I actually had a great opportunity about a month ago I was approached with the chance to interview for a second grade position in another elementary school. It definitely caught me off guard. I was only a month into my internship. I went for the interview and I got the position. I’m starting in a few weeks which is really exciting because you go into your internship thinking it’s going to be really difficult in these days to find a job right away. Having that opportunity was such a blessing. I think hat Southeastern really did a good job in preparing me for that because a month into my internship, I knew that I was ready to take a full-time job. I knew that’ve instilled me with all of that knowledge, my professors. Everything I’ve learned… Even my teacher at this school has given me what I need to be a successful teacher. I can say with confidence, now two weeks away, that I’m ready to teach. I’m ready to be fully in charge without supervision over my own class. Teaching is definitely my passion and I find it to be a very important profession because we are a light in these kid’s lives. These days, so many kids aren’t getting a proper education and they’re missing that opportunity to grow. Being able to teach, being able to pass on what I’ve learned into someone else life. The people that are coming after us. That’s such a great opportunity and I don’t think I’d want to be in any other professional besides that.