No matter how recent or how long ago you graduated, we love seeing everything you’re doing to change the world for Christ and to represent Southeastern so powerfully. Your alma mater is always here for you, and we love keeping you connected with each other, informed about what’s happening on campus, and above all, encouraged in your calling.

5 Ways to Carry the Torch

  • Be Proud of Your Alma Mater
    Great things are happening and have happened here. Become ambassadors and promote the amazing things happening at Southeastern.
  • Be Connected
    Join us on social media, attend regional activities, visit campus, and come to Homecoming every year.
  • Be Present
    In your church, your business, or at your school, be present with current students and host interns, mentor students, and engage the Southeastern community.
  • Be Supportive
    Give back to your alma mater. A contribution to the SEU Scholarship Program impacts the lives of current and future students. Join us and make a lasting impact!
  • Be an Advocate
    Promote the university and be involved in activities. To participate in upcoming events, please email alumni@seu.edu.

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