Classical Conversations PLUS

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.16.49 PMIn partnership with Southeastern University (SEU), Classical Conversations PLUS (CC+) offers families with students registered in Challenge III or Challenge IV the opportunity to enlarge and extend their Christian learning community into the college level, while staying actively engaged in their local community group anywhere in the United States. Classes are offered completely online. This specific program is restricted to students and families enrolled in Classical Conversations.

ENROLLMENT: Students must enroll each college semester to continue in the program.

TUITION: Courses are $500 each. Some may require additional fees like the math courses (for the curriculum and textbook). For questions, please contact SEU at ccplus@seu.edu.

Course Options

Each semester, CC+ and Southeastern offer a variety of subjects, designed to give you collegiate-level class experience and credit.


From enrollment to course requirements, here’s what you need to know.