A Message from the Dean

Dr. Craig Collins, dean of the College of Arts & Media, gives an overview of the hands-on experiences available to students in broadcasting, journalism, music and other disciplines that lead to job opportunities after graduation.

Arts & Media

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We are called to be in the world but not of it, and creating Christ-centered culture is one of the most effective ways to do so. Whether through music, journalism, film, art, writing or numerous other areas, SEU students are trained to engage the culture around them through quality creativity and service. Our graduates jump straight from the classroom to in front of the camera or on stage thanks to the multiple hands-on training opportunities on our campus. You’ll gain practical experience from your first year on campus through graduation, which will prepare you to stand out in your career.

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Student Spotlight

Alumni Feature

Alumni Feature

Craig S. Collins

Dean, College of Arts & Media
863.667.5650 | cscollins@seu.edu

Department of Communication

Chad T. Neuman

Chair, Department of Communication
863.667.5450 | ctneuman@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 220

Christopher R. Clark

Associate Professor of Film Production
863.667.5927 | crclark@seu.edu

Richard C. Harris

Associate Professor of Communication
863.667.5651 | rcharris@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 215

William D. Lee

Associate Professor of Broadcast and Journalism
863.667.5939 | wdlee@seu.edu

Joseph J. O'Brien

Assistant Professor of Film Production
863.667.5121 | jjobrien@seu.edu
Modular 6

Robert O. Scott

Professor of Communication
863.667.5208 | roscott@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 218

Jon C. Seals

Assistant Professor
863.667.5387 | jcseals@seu.edu

Sheila A. Skipper

Assistant Professor of Public Relations
863.667.5533 | saskipper@seu.edu

David S. Sparling

Assistant Professor
863.667.5385 | dssparling@seu.edu

Department of English & Foreign Languages

Linda S. Linzey

Chair, Department of English & Foreign Languages
863.667.5247 | lslinzey@seu.edu
Spence Hall 5

Debra A. Brown

Assistant Professor of English
863.667.5114 | dabrown@seu.edu

Paul T. Corrigan

Assistant Professor of English
863.667.5534 | ptcorrigan@seu.edu
Spence Hall 10

Rickey A. Cotton

Professor of Literature and Composition
863.667.5120 | racotton@seu.edu
Spence Hall 6

Alisa M. DeBorde

Associate Professor of English
863.667.5194 | amdeborde@seu.edu
Spence Hall 9

Marlon M. Dempster

Associate Professor of Literature & Composition
863.667.5237 | mmdempster@seu.edu
Spence Hall 7

Annette Graves

Assistant Professor of English
863.667.5447 | nagraves@seu.edu
Spence Hall 37C

Cameron H. McNabb

Assistant Professor of English
863.667.5117 | chmcnabb@seu.edu
Spence Hall 2

Jason R. Old

Assistant Professor of Spanish
863.667.5267 | jrold@seu.edu
Spence Hall 4

Department of Music

Charles J. Hulin

Chair, Department of Music
863.667.5645 | cjhulin@seu.edu
Music Hall 5

Mark A. Belfast

Assistant Professor of Music Education
863.667.5104 | mabelfast@seu.edu
Music Hall 8

Brian C. Blume

Instructor of Percussion
863.667.5140 | bcblume@seu.edu
Music Hall 7

Shudong L. Braamse

Professor of Music
863.667.5080 | slbraamse@seu.edu
Music Hall 11

Edward Bryant

Associate Professor of Music
863.667.5106 | ebryant@seu.edu
Music Hall 10

Annabelle M. Gardiner

Associate Professor of Violin
863.667.5145 | amgardiner@seu.edu
Music Hall 9

Ronald K. Gardiner

Associate Professor of Cello
863.667.5093 | rkgardiner@seu.edu
Music Hall 2

Daniel A. Gordon

Professor of Choral Music Education
863.667.5947 | dagordon@seu.edu
Music Hall 3

Paul S. Harlan

Professor of Music
863.667.5103 | psharlan@seu.edu
Music Hall 4

Danny Tindall

Professor of Music
863.667.5126 | dhtindal@seu.edu
Music Hall 6