Everyone who comes to SEU brings their own unique gifts, passions and knowledge. Thanks to each of our students, alumni, faculty and staff, our community is bursting with stories. Some are quiet successes told only in the confidence of a discussion with a mentor. Some are sung through original songs and music. Still others are shared publicly with the goal of inspiring all those who hear them.

This is SEU. And these are our stories.

Fighting Trafficking

Thanks to influence from her SEU mentors, alumni Kendall Phillips, ’15, launched The Penny Story, a movement dedicated to raising awareness of and serving victims of human trafficking.


SEU Worship

As a result of her practical ministry classes at SEU and her four years as a member of SEU Worship, Tiffany Hammer, ’17, gained confidence in her calling to ministry.

Learning For Life

SEU gave Tori Rasmussen, ’11,  the theological knowledge and practical skills to be able to share the Gospel as part of his mission work in Tanzania.


Hope in Harlem

Taylor Wilkerson, ’12, used what he learned throughout his SEU faith journey to plant a church that serves people in the heart of Harlem, New York City.

Investigating Fragile X Syndrome

The investigative research done by Dr. Aimee Franklin, ’07, is one of the most cited sources of information about of fragile X syndrome, the most commonly inherited form of autism. Dr. Franklin also serves SEU as a faculty member, student mentor and chairs the SEU Institutional Review Board.


Dove Award Nomination

Joivan Jimenez, ’15  was nominated for a 2017 Dove Award for Spanish Language Recorded Song of the Year, for his song Generación de Fuego.

Called to Teach

Shortly after Jacquelyn Ricardo began her classes at SEU, God reminded her of her childhood desire to be a teacher.


Paris Internship

How did a girl from Haiti, who was adopted from an orphanage, end up working for the U.S. Embassy in Paris? Barbara Perttula, ’15, shares the story of her internship abroad.

Determined to Worship

Despite being born without hands, SEU ministry student Carlos Lara learned to play musical instruments in order to share his heart for worship.


A Year in Oxford

When Elisha Colby, ‘17, studied in Oxford, England, she learned through the tutorial teaching method, which showed her how to engage with the topics she was learning and apply them to her life.

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Stories Through Song

The inspiration of each original song written and produced by SEU Worship comes from the experiences and stories of members of the group.