Welcome Week

Welcome Week is one of the most memorable experiences that you’ll have at Southeastern University. This will mark the beginning of your college career and your first steps into, perhaps, the greatest four years of your life. During these couple of days, you will get introduced to campus life, have a chance to get settled into your residence hall, and get to know our Student Development staff who will be guiding you through your journey here. Welcome Week is a time where students and parents can build upon the relationships started on opening day, be poured into spiritually, and get prepared for the transition into academia. We guarantee—whether you’re a new student or a parent of a new student—that you’ll feel welcomed into the Southeastern community as soon as you walk onto the campus. Questions? Contact the Orientation Office at 863.667.5379 or the reception desk at 863.667.5000.

Are you Fire Ready?

Before arriving on campus each semester, be sure to complete all steps in the Fire Ready process.

Arrival & Check-In

Fall 2019: Friday August 23rd and Saturday August 24th

Check-In Locations

Aventura Hall – 2nd Floor Lobby
Bauer Hall – Front Lobby
Bethany Hall – Front Lobby
Buena Vida East – 3rd Floor Lobby
Buena Vida West – Mezzanine
Bush Chapel – Commuter Check-In
Destino – 2nd Floor Lobby
Esperanza – 2nd Floor Lobby
South Pointe/Valencia/Buttercup – South Pointe Office, H6

Schedule of Events

Friday 8/23

8am-4pm Check in and Welcome Center (Buena Vida East/West, Bethany, Bauer, Southpointe Valencia, Buttercup)
7:00pm Welcome Event #1

Saturday 8/24
8am-2pm Check in and Welcome Center (Destino, Aventura, Esperanza)
7:00pm Welcome Event #2

Sunday 8/25
9am Worship Service
10:45am-1:45pm Brunch
7:00pm Welcome Event #3

Fire Card: Student ID

The Southeastern University Fire Card is a key element in experiencing campus life here at Southeastern. The Fire Card is currently used for many functions on campus. The Fire Card is necessary for identification, room access, meal access in the campus restaurant, laundry and printing/copying. The Fire Card can 
also be used as a debit card on campus. Money can be replenished on the Fire Card at any time during the year for purchases made in the café, Portico, the campus bookstore, and select off campus locations. For more information regarding the functions of the Fire Card, please contact the Campus Card Office at 863.667.5315 or via e-mail at campuscard@seu.edu.