Southeastern University Emergency Response Team

Occasionally, tropical storms and hurricanes can be an unfortunate reality in Florida. Hurricane season occurs annually from June 1st through November 30th, and the university has established procedures to keep students, staff, and faculty safe. These procedures are led by the Southeastern Emergency Response Team (SERT), which is comprised of multiple departmental leaders who are able to make preparations to secure and prepare the campus.

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SERT Frequently Asked Questions

The Southeastern University Emergency Response Team (SERT) is comprised of key campus leaders who work in conjunction with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. SERT is tasked with overseeing SEU’s Emergency Response Plan. 

The team consists of the following persons:

  • Provost
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President for Student Development
  • Executive Director of Student Services
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Executive Director of Facilities
  • Director of Food Services
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Director of Safety and Security
  • Executive Director for Academics
  • Executive Director for Media Services
  • Executive Director of Administrative Planning
  • Athletic Director
  • Assistant Director of Safety and Security

SEU’s Emergency Response Plan details policies, procedures and organizational structure in the event that an emergency or natural disaster occurs within the university or the general area that impacts academic and other operations. The basic emergency procedures are structured to protect lives and property through effective use of university resources, law enforcement, first responder, and other community resources. The plan provides information for handling emergency events with the goal of the resumption of normal university operations.

The university’s hurricane policy is published in the student handbook as well as on the university’s intranet, my.seu.edu. (Login required.)

With the notification of an approaching tropical system (tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane) the SERT monitors the status and projected path of the storm.

The SERT communicates with the Polk County Emergency Operations Center to share information. Upon notification that the storm will impact the university, the SERT puts SEU’s Emergency Response Plan into effect.

Detailed steps are followed by all offices to ensure the safety of students, staff, and faculty, as well as the campus.

The SERT sends out communication through the SEU website, email, social media and text alerts as new information becomes available. As decisions are made about the cancellation of classes and extracurricular activities, closing of administrative offices, and instructions for residential students, these items will be communicated via these channels.