About the Program

SEU Link is one of the only faith-based post-secondary transition programs in the United States. The program is designed to assist students with mild intellectual disabilities in making the transition from high school to adulthood.

This program fulfills a need that many families have. Although children with disabilities have often been in school most of their lives, once they reach young adulthood, the options for their next steps can be limited. The SEU Link program provides for this need, giving families and students opportunities to make this transition with confidence.

Program Highlights

  • Faith-based academics
    Link-specific courses in employability and independent living, plus SEU courses
  • On-campus living
    A trained SEU student mentor is paired with each Link student
  • Full collegiate experience
    Link students enjoy access to all SEU resources, activities and events
  • Job skills training
    Available both on and off campus (as applicable)
  • Community integration
    Link students build friendships with peers, staff and faculty

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the 2 or 4-year SEU Link program, students earn a certificate of accomplishment that reflects the acquisition of employability and independent living skills.


How to Apply

Please complete the application, health form, and recommendation forms and mail or email to:

Program Coordinator
SEU Link Post-Secondary Transition Program
College of Education
Southeastern University
1000 Longfellow Boulevard
Lakeland, FL 33801

Please contact the program coordinator with any questions.