Your Quickstart Guide to Teaching Your Kids at Home

As our global community is working through this unprecedented season of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents everywhere are trying their hardest to figure out the best way to help their children continue their education from home — often while also continuing to work themselves.

Your Solution is Here!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure how to begin to make sense of suddenly becoming your child’s full-time teacher, you’re not alone. Our experienced, knowledgeable professors from the SEU College of Education are here to help you not only get started, but to enjoy the process!

Our Going Remote video series will provide you with tips and encouragement, all compiled into brief videos for every age group.


What You'll Learn

  • Teaching Tips  — Hear from our professors on how to set up your home learning space and how to talk to your kids about this new way of learning.
  • Early Childhood/Pre-K — Discover simple ways to engage your little ones in learning letters, counting, and fine motor skills.
  • Elementary School (K–5) — Find out how co-constructing knowledge with your child will lead to success not only in their core subjects, but also in life lessons.
  • Middle School (6–8) — Learn how to connect literacy, math, science, and history to your middle schooler’s interests.
  • High School (9–12) — Get the do’s and don’ts of remote instruction for high schoolers from educators who have experience in successfully navigating remote learning for this age group.

Preview the Videos

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    Going Remote: Teaching Tips

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  • Going Remote: Early Childhood/Pre-k

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  • Going Remote: Elementary School (K-5)

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  • Going Remote: Middle School (6-8)

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  • Going Remote: High School (9-12)

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