Reimagining the Training Process

Southeastern University’s School of Worship is training a generation of worship leaders who are equipped with a passion to develop a powerful worship culture for the local church and beyond. Worship cultures that succeed operate on a high level of production and professional excellence. Through hands-on training and deep study of scripture, history and theology, we are developing students who have both personal authenticity and professional ability.

Academic Programs

The School of Worship will feature an academic program with both instrumental and vocal development courses combined with theology and ministerial courses. The School will also focus on developing hands on experience in worship leading, song writing and service producing through a newly renovated chapel with state-of-the-art ministry and learning facilities. 

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Meet the Team

David Ryan Cook

Originally from Brandon, Florida, David is an alumnus of SEU. David spent time in Nashville as a recording artist, and he then joined the staff as a worship pastor in the city campus of Hillsong Church. Under the leadership of Cass Langdon, the global creative director of Hillsong Church, David had the opportunity to assist Hillsong worship teams writing and producing various award-winning worship projects. He now serves as the campus worship pastor for SEU.

Dan Rivera

An alumnus of Southeastern University, Daniel is originally from Miami. After graduating from Southeastern in 2013, Daniel served as a worship pastor for National Community Church under the leadership of Pastor Mark Batterson for three years. During his time at NCC, Dan had the opportunity to work with Grammy and Dove award winning artists leading and writing worship music. Daniel currently serves with SEU Worship.
"Worship leaders must value God and people more than a ministry or a song."
David Ryan Cook, Worship Pastor at SEU