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In the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology at Southeastern University, our School of Divinity is always innovating. Those who have been called to who work in full-time ministry have an increasing need to master the latest methods in ministry training, gain relevant practical experience, and broaden their theological knowledge so as to best care for today’s churches. We provide these and much more, plus the opportunity to learn from some of the top Pentecostal faculty nationwide. Our accreditors now allow us to accelerate your graduate education by giving you credit for undergraduate ministry and theology coursework, and/or significant vocational ministry experience.

The School of Divinity (graduate programs) within the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology at Southeastern University is fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Fast Track MDiv Paths

Course Delivery Formats: Face-to-face, online, or hybrid

For generations in many Christian denominations, the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree has been the gold standard for ministry preparation with its solid blend of Bible, theology, and ministry courses. SEU now allows up to 18 of the 72 credit hours of this degree to be granted through advanced standing.*

Here are some of the ways you can attain this advanced degree in reduced time.

*Note: Chaplain positions require a full 72 credit hours of earned credit, in which case advanced standing credits will not apply.

Experienced Minister

If you have worked in ministry for some time, but have been looking for a way to take your skills to the next level, you’re an ideal fit for this path. We recognize that your years of experience in ministry have significant value, so we are offering you the opportunity to receive college credit based on that experience. This credit, coupled with a reduced number of credit hours, will allow you to earn your Master of Divinity degree in reduced time.

Undergraduate degree in ministry (from an accredited institution)
18 potential credit hours earned based on ministry experience or undergraduate ministry studies
54 graduate credit hours taken via SEU
Master of Divinity

Accelerated MA to MDiv

If you have an undergraduate ministry degree from an accredited institution, or significant vocational ministry experience, and you are an SEU MAML or MATS student or alumni, this path is for you. You can earn your MDiv by taking 18 credit hours in addition to your MAML or MATS work.

Undergraduate ministry degree or significant vocational ministry experience (with a bachelor’s degree in any field)
Current SEU ministry student earning a MAML or MATS (36 credits)
18 additional credit hours taken via SEU
Master of Divinity

SEU Ministry Major

If are majoring in, or are considering majoring in, ministry at SEU, you can fast track your way to a Master of Divinity degree after graduation! Some of your undergraduate courses can be applied toward your MDiv on a “two-for-one” basis, allowing you to complete both your bachelor’s degree and MDiv a year sooner.

Current SEU undergraduate ministry major
54 graduate-level hours (post-graduation)
Master of Divinity

Get Started

To learn more about these programs contact:

Micah Yeager, MDiv

Graduate Admission Counselor, Ministry & Theology
863.667.5363 | mjyeager@seu.edu

For questions regarding admission and to find out how your credits and/or ministry experience apply toward your degree journey.

Alan Ehler, DMin

Dean, Barnett College of Ministry & Theology

For questions regarding course content.