Medical School Early Acceptance

In cooperation with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) is one of the nation’s most renowned medical schools.

Students studying the biological sciences in the College of Natural and Health Sciences at SEU have a chance to apply for a seat in medical, dental or pharmacy school while they’re still pursuing their undergraduate degree.

Medical School Students
Pharmacy School Students
Dental School Students

How It Works

  • High-achieving freshmen & sophomores are encouraged to apply to LECOM’s Early Acceptance Program (EAP).
  • Their application will be reviewed by the SEU pre-health advisory committee, who will interview SEU students and endorse chosen candidates.
  • Endorsed students will then be interviewed by LECOM for acceptance into their graduate program of choice.
  • Students may attend LECOM at their campus in Bradenton, Florida, or in their Pennsylvania campuses located in Erie or Seton Hill.
  • Admission to LECOM through the medical or pharmacy EAP is not contingent on graduate testing (MCAT, PCAT) scores.
  • Dental school applicants will need to take the DAT prior to entering the program at LECOM.

Program Details

Each spring semester, a total of 15 SEU freshman and sophomore students will be guaranteed acceptance into the medical, pharmacy or dental school at LECOM annually. Five students can be admitted to each of the three schools.

In addition to maintaining a GPA of 3.4 or higher, students who are accepted into the program must maintain full-time enrollment and complete their undergraduate degree at SEU.

For more information about this early acceptance program, please contact Assistant Professor Megan Wagner, PA-C.


Science Degrees & Problem Based Learning

The in-depth coursework of SEU’s biology degrees will prepare students well for the rigors of graduate studies and the healthcare profession.

In Spring of 2018, SEU is also introducing Problem Based Learning (PBL). These courses give students the opportunity to use clinical critical thinking skills to solve real-life patient problems. The PBL model is the pedagogy used by many medical, dental and pharmacy schools to apply and advance clinical learning.

SEU College of Natural & Health Sciences

Our experienced, caring faculty will help you build a solid foundation of academics and practical experience. This will help you to not only succeed in graduate school, but serve Christ and the world as a competent healthcare professional through Spirit-empowered, ethical practice.