National Fine Arts Scholarships

Award Levels

SEU Award of Merit – $5,000

SEU Top Ten Award – $3,000

SEU Superior Category I – $2,000
Students who earned a superior rating in a category that falls under a degree program at SEU.

SEU Superior Category II – $1,000
Students who earned at least a superior rating in a category that does not fall under a degree program at SEU.

Scholarship amounts are divided over the first two semesters. Category restrictions apply. For a complete list of degree programs at Southeastern that match Fine Arts Festival categories, please click the button below.

General Criteria

First-time freshmen or undergraduate transfers who participated in the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Festival may be considered for this scholarship. Full-time SEU enrollment is required, and a student may qualify for up to eight consecutive semesters. Scholarships are renewable by maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Students can only receive one of the listed awards.

Eligibility Deadlines: Contact your admission counselor for details.