Price vs. Cost

Attending a Christian university is a worthwhile investment that far outweighs the risks of attending a public school. At Southeastern University, we firmly believe that our campus culture and commitment to integrating faith into our classrooms helps students not only to maintain their faith but also to make it stronger.


Why It's Worth It

We are committed to keeping higher education affordable, which is why we continue to offer multiple options for financial aid and work with families to accommodate their needs. We work to help students to have the best academic foundation possible so that they can fulfill their calling in any career and stand out among other college graduates.


Looking at the value of college means seeing more than dollar signs. Consider these important facts about a Christian college education at SEU.

Maintaining Christian Values

Enrollment in a Christ-centered college supports existing religious values and behaviors, and strengthens the foundation for a lifelong relationship with Christ.

Career Satisfaction

Our students report higher long-term career satisfaction because their academic major and subsequent career are chosen after prayerful consideration of God’s call on their lives.