Sport Management Major Starts Season of Coaching

On October 25, Jeromie Grammer, a senior sports management student at Southeastern University, will kick off the season as the varsity boys’ basketball coach for St. Paul Lutheran School in Lakeland, Florida. The same day, he will host an Elite Basketball Camp for the school’s players, bringing in SEU basketball players as camp counselors.

Grammer served as the junior varsity coach the previous year at St. Paul Lutheran School and taught the team competitiveness and confidence, bringing them from a 0-10 record to a winning season of 7-2.

“He taught them the game and fundamentals, but more importantly, he taught them how to be supportive and work together. Whether they won or lost, he was positive and instructional. He helped all the boys improve their game, and they had a winning season and some great successes,” said Lynn Anderson, athletic director for St. Paul Lutheran School.

Grammer discovered his love for coaching in 2009 after facing an injury that ended his career playing basketball. Encouraged by those closest to him, he decided to pursue coaching instead. He founded the Southeast Texas Hoops in Port Neches, Texas, in 2012, a Christ-centered youth basketball organization for players in 5th through 12th grade. He returns to Texas every summer to coach and manage the organization.

“Coaching provides a tremendous opportunity to be used as a resource and platform to teach young athletes important life principles that transcend the basketball court. Qualities like teamwork, accountability, discipline, faith, sportsmanship and work ethic are able to help these youngsters grow to be all-stars in whatever it is they choose to do in life outside of the sport. To me, coaching done right is pastoring,” said Grammer.

After a highly successful season in 2013–2014 for the SEU men’s basketball team, making it all the way to the NAIA Fab Four, Grammer will return for his second season as the student assistant coach for the team’s first game on October 24. Although Grammer will have a busy semester juggling coaching two basketball teams and finishing up his senior year, he is hopeful this will take him a few steps closer to his dream of coaching on the NBA level for the Orlando Magic.