SEU Documentaries

Teams of SEU students, staff and faculty have worked with relevant organizations to produce a documentaries about mission trips, and topics of significance and social importance.


These films are intended to provide awareness to the issues presented and show how critical mission work is to the people and communities who benefit from these efforts.


Our trip with Overland Missions in Nyawa Chiefdom, Zambia.

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Destination Tanzania

SEU students traveled to Tanzania to experience life with three very diverse people groups.

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Destination Cambodia

Students from SEU experienced authentic Cambodian life on this mission trip.

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Destination Haiti

SEU students teamed up with Compassionate Alliance to provide relief efforts and bring spiritual hope to the people of Haiti.

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Common Cents

Common Cents, an award-winning documentary, tells the story of using the metaphor of a penny to create awareness of modern day slavery.

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As We Wait

As We Wait explores the complexities of the refugee crisis in order to elevate our understanding of this situation.

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In The Valley

In the Valley follows the different stories of real people in the Los Rios valley of Tichuantepe, Nicaragua.

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"People open up during interviews because they want to be heard, and we are here to give them that chance. Documentaries give faces and stories to our outreach efforts and allow others to see them as people ... not projects."
Vanessa Miesses, Broadcasting, '14