Christian Character Reference

Thank you for applying for admission to Southeastern University! In order to complete your application file, a Christian character reference is required. Simply fill out the form below with your reference’s contact information, and we’ll do the rest! Once your reference has submitted the Christian character reference form that we sent to them, we will also notify you by email.

If you prefer to have your reference fill out a paper version of the form instead, you can print out the PDF version here, have your reference fill it out and then submit it to us by mail. Please contact our Office of Admission at 800.500.8760 or admission@seu.edu if you need assistance.

  • REFERENCE CRITERIA: Your reference must be completed by a pastor, former pastor, Bible study leader, Christian high school leader, or church lay-leader. Your reference should be an individual who knows you well (six months minimum required) and can provide the Admission Committee with a candid assessment of your Christian maturity. Reference must not be related to you.