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SEU Launches Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force

On Friday, July 24, Dr. Kent Ingle announced that Southeastern University has established a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force. The purpose of this task force is to advance racial diversity on campus and to work toward racial reconciliation.  The task force will start by listening to students, faculty and staff in order to bring about change on campus.  [embed]https://vimeo.com/441225399[/... More

Continuing the Conversation About Equality, Justice, and Change

By Kent J. Ingle, DMin President Southeastern University June 26, 2020 Hello SEU Community, This summer, our nation and community started to recognize that there needs to be a change in society in regards to our relationship with minority communities. As a community, I believe we all have a role to ... More

June 26, 2020

Working Toward Equality, Justice, and Change

By Kent J. Ingle, DMin President Southeastern University June 5, 2020 Hello Southeastern Community,  In light of the recent tragic events, as a university, we stand against the culture of racial injustice that still exists in our nation.  At SEU, ... More

A Message from the President

By Kent J. Ingle, DMin President Southeastern University May 31, 2020   [embed]https://vimeo.com/424572519[/embed] Recently our nation has witnessed horrific incidents that have resulted in the unnecessary loss of life. With each new incident, all of us are more outraged...more ashamed...more discouraged...and more depressed. The ... More

May 31, 2020

Remembering Dr. Randy Valimont

We were saddened to learn yesterday of the sudden passing of Dr. Randy Valimont, senior pastor of Griffin First Assembly of God. He passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, October 31.  Dr. Valimont was an alumnus of Southeastern University who attended Southeastern from 1978 – 1981. He and his wife, Jelly Jordan Valimont, were married in May 1980 while attending ... More

November 1, 2019

Dr. Kent Ingle’s Latest Book

Order The Modern Guide to College — Your Roadmap to College Success and get two free, downloadable resources to get you started! The transition to college can be difficult. Figuring out where to go, how to study, and what to be involved in outside of ... More

International Students and the American Legacy

By Dr. Kent J. Ingle President, Southeastern University Published in The Ledger, July 11, 2018 One of the hallmarks of American higher education is the unique combination of openness to all, protection of new ideas and emphasis on critical thinking. These core values help build a robust and dynamic academic system in ... More

A Call for Action on Immigration

By Dr. Kent J. Ingle President, Southeastern University Over the past year, we have seen our nation become more outraged and divided on the topic of immigration. Parties have disagreed and have failed to come up with a permanent solution for Dreamers. In just the past few days, we have seen the inhumane act of families being torn apart at the U.S. and ... More

SEU Community Address – Hurricane Irma

The Southeastern University community is continuing to pray and give resources to support relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Irma. Below is an update and expression of gratitude from our president, Dr. Kent Ingle, for everyone who worked to keep our campus and students safe before, during and after the storm. [embed]https://vimeo.com/234055354[/embed] SEU Community ... More

Hurricane Irma: A Note from Dr. Ingle

SEU Community, This morning I am incredibly grateful for God’s protection over our SEU community and campus as we weathered Hurricane Irma. The storm passed through Lakeland late last night as a Category 2 hurricane. It’s during times like this that our faith is strengthened and we are truly reminded of what’s most important to us – the safety and well-being of our families and friends. First and foremost, ... More