Follow God's call to the ends of the earth

We believe that mission work creates in us a desire to change the way we live and inspires us to share the Gospel for the rest of our lives. Through SEU Missions, hundreds of students, faculty and staff travel the globe and serve locally each year.

2018–2019 Impact

50 mission trips

80 countries

425+ students


Mission Trips

Every year, dozens of student-led trips are held during school breaks, each with a unique purpose and location and all with one overall goal — to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth. Each mission trip is planned, evaluated, and carried through with the purpose of providing lasting help to the people who are served.



Since 2012, teams of SEU students, staff and faculty have worked with  organizations around the world to produce documentaries about mission trips and various social causes. These films provide awareness to the issues presented and show how critical mission work is to the people and communities who benefit from these efforts.

Mission Partners

Some of our student-leaders choose to work with established missions organizations to accomplish the goals of the trip they are leading.


We believe that loving our own city best prepares us to go out and love other cities. Local outreaches also provide an opportunity for students to serve consistently and establish relationships within our community.


Meet Tori Rasmussen

As a graduate from SEU, Tori serves as a missionary to Tanzania with the desire to be a lifelong learner. Watch the video of his story to learn how Southeastern gave him the knowledge and practical skills to learn for life and to discover new ways to share the Gospel.

“Wherever you go, find a need and fill it. Find a hurt, and heal it.”

— Tommy Barnett, SEU Chancellor