As We Wait

As We Wait explores the complexities of the refugee crisis in order to elevate our understanding of this situation. As this documentary unpacks multiple perspectives of this issue, it also guides viewers into this larger discussion. There is no easy solution when dealing with the refugee crisis, but As We Wait aims to develop a human connection in the midst of a global crisis.

Action Steps

Be Informed.

Awareness is the first step to change. If we continue to develop a holistic perspective of the refugee crisis, we’ll also develop true empathy toward those in need. Stay informed on the latest developments surrounding the refugee crisis. Ask questions. Seek answers. Don’t settle with the details that mainstream media alone gives you.

Spread the Word.

Share this story with your family, friends and colleagues, and help generate discussions in your own communities about this issue. The documentary can be found here

Speak Up.

Voice your opinion on this issue and reach out to your local member of congress or senators and encourage others to do the same. Speak up here.

Give Resources.

Consider giving your resources. Every single contribution helps provide physical relief and the hope of the Gospel to support refugee families in crisis. Donate here.

Serve Locally.

Consider giving your time to help those in the midst of this crisis. There’s plenty of local opportunities to tangibly help refugees. A list of organizations in Central Florida that offer refugee outreaches can be found here.

Serve Internationally.

Southeastern is also working with a number of international organizations to bring relief and build relationships with refugees. If you are interested in participating in one of these mission trips, email destinations@seu.edu.