Mentorship in Action

Any time you’re going through something in your life, whether positive or negative, it’s encouraging to know that you’re not the only one who has gone through similar experiences. Gleaning knowledge and encouragement from someone who has been there will not only help you through that season in your life, but can also help you turn it into something to glorify God.

Our faculty and staff have wisdom and experiences they are willing to share with students to help them grow in their faith and succeed in their careers. Discipleship Groups fulfill that purpose, giving students the opportunity to meet with one faculty or staff member for 10 weeks each semester in a small-group setting that can include Bible study, prayer, life stories and group social activities such as going to movies or sporting events. Your mentors at SEU will give you encouragement, correction, accountability and wisdom by calling out the best in you. In fact, many students cite the mentorship they received at SEU as the most important component of their college experience.

“My mentor was able to look at my challenges from a bird’s-eye view. He never lost sight of the vision that I couldn’t yet see.”
— Kendall (Altmyer) Phillips, ’13; ’15

Spiritual Benefits

Having a mentor, specifically a Christian mentor, is essential to your personal spiritual journey. It takes time, and a lot of prayer, to learn to discern which of our thoughts are our own and which are the voice of the Lord. SEU is full of people who are here to guide you as you learn this discernment process.

Wisdom to Guide You

If you’re looking for personal, emotional, mental and spiritual growth, it helps to be around people who are discerning, wise, creative and kind. Mentors are also here to ask the hard questions when things aren’t going the way you thought they would. “What’s holding you back? What challenges are you facing? Have you given the situation over to God?” While every mentoring relationship is as individual as each person, there are a few principles that ring true for how helpful mentorship can be.
  • Academics Achieving excellence in the classroom
  • Discipleship Growing in your faith
  • Community Finding ways to serve others
  • Consistency Providing you a steady presence
  • Gracious Living Showing you how to value others in your daily life