SEU 101

SEU 101 is a course designed to assist all new students with adaption to college life and to familiarize them with the wider SEU community. Through lectures, experiences, and groups, this eight-week course applies SEU’s three pillars of success as a framework for each first-year student’s success in both academia and life. There are four components to SEU 101: common read, class sessions, presidential sessions and Life Journal groups.

Common Read
All first-year students will receive the book titled All In by Mark Batterson. This book challenges students to go all in and give Jesus Christ lordship over their lives, creating a firm foundation for their college career and the rest of their lives.

Common Read Lecture Session
After reading the common read, all first-year students will attend a lecture session with the author to expound upon the thoughts in the text. This lecture is part of the SEU 101 course assignments and activities.

Class Sessions
The classroom sessions introduce all first-year students to university life and SEU culture. Through a variety of mediums and lecture facilitators, these eight Monday-morning sessions will cover essentials to college success, provide aid in making the transition to university life and adulthood and establish the culture of SEU in the hearts and minds of each student. Some of the topics to be discussed during these sessions are as follows:

  • Student Engagement
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Athletic “Fanmanship”
  • Student Success
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Collegiate Transition
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social Media Awareness

Presidential Sessions
A unique facet of SEU 101 is the opportunity for all first-year students to meet with the president in a smaller classroom setting four times within the first eight weeks of their semester. Dr. Ingle will spend time discussing what it means to discover your divine design — the purpose on your life placed by God. Through four one-hour sessions, students will create a personal portfolio of personality profiles and spiritual gifting with the guidance of President Ingle.