Family Dinner

There is always a seat at our table for you. Every first-year student has the opportunity to share a meal with our First Year Experience staff, our student leaders and other first-year students.

All dinners are at 5:30. Sign up below for a date that works with your schedule, and we’ll send you a personalized RSVP reminder as your dinner date approaches. We can’t wait to share a meal with you at our family table!

— The FYE staff

Date Host Location
August 25  Marissa Swiech  Aventura Hall
August 26
August 27  Jared Parks  Parkside Apartments
August 31  Jared Parks  Parkside Apartments
September 1  Jon DeMeo  Bauer Hall
September 2  Anna Marie  Bethany Hall
September 3  Marissa Swiech  Aventura Hall
September 8  Calib Turner  Destino Hall
September 9
September 14  Jared Parks  Parkside Apartments
September 15  Marissa Swiech  Aventura Hall
September 17  Jon DeMeo  Bauer Hall
September 28  Calib Turner  Destino Hall
September 29  Anna Marie  Bethany Hall
September 30  Kara Bloomquist  Esperanza Hall
October 5  Jon DeMeo  Bauer Hall
October 6  Calib Turner  Destino Hall
October 13  Anna Marie  Bethany Hall
October 20
October 21  Kara Bloomquist  Esperanza Hall
October 27
October 28  Kara Bloomquist  Esperanza Hall