Employee Benefits

  • Southeastern University provides a health care benefit for full-time employees. This program covers a large majority of hospital and medical services.
  • Southeastern University will pay in full the premium for this policy for all full-time employees.
  • Employees may elect to cover their families with this policy and may provide for payroll deduction in order to cover the additional premium.
  • Southeastern University offers full-time employees who meet eligibility requirements the opportunity to participate in a university retirement program.
  • The following constitute approved retirement programs: Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA/CREF) and Minister’s Benefit Association.
  • Southeastern University provides a long-term disability and life insurance plan for full-time employees.
  • Full-time staff members may enroll without any cost for tuition and selected fees in resident classes at Southeastern University.
  • The university provides an employee training program so that employees may perform their work more efficiently and may qualify for positions of increased responsibility. In addition to regular on-the-job training, employee training is accomplished through university-sponsored training courses, conferences, seminars, films and university courses.
  • Full-time employees are eligible for paid sick leave, yearly vacation leave and paid holidays.
  • Five meals per week in the university dining hall are provided for all full-time employees Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters.