Southeastern Students Work to End Bullying

More than 100 Southeastern student-athletes brought the message that it’s “Kool 2 B Kind” to the students at Crystal Lake Elementary School in Lakeland, Florida, on Friday, October 31, 2014.

The Kool 2 B Kind campaign, an anti-bullying effort, was started in fall 2013 by Southeastern student Alexis Quinn and another student-athlete Codey Yingling through our Southeastern University chapter of Enactus. The campaign was ignited last September after a young Lakeland student, Rebecca Sedwick, committed suicide due to being heavily bullied at school.

During Friday’s event, the athletics campus pastor at Southeastern, Phil Urdiales, spoke to more than 250 students about bullying. Special guests in attendance included Mayor Howard Wiggs; the Tampa Bay Rays’ mascot, Raymond; and the GEICO Gecko.

“Our goal for this event is to bring awareness to the ongoing issue of bullying in our schools,” said Quinn.

Last year, Kool 2 B Kind held two events and had over 1,200 students pledge to not bully.

“We want to positively impact students’ lives by having collegiate athletes be role models to these students,” said Quinn. “Many of the Crystal Lake Elementary School students face challenging situations. If we as athletes and good stewards of this community can be a role model to even one person’s life on Friday, our goal for this event is a success.”