Jannetides College of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership

Our programs take business to the next level, emphasizing servant leadership and ethical business practices through a commitment to scripture and Christ’s example.

Through Enactus, SEU students put their business skills into practice while making a difference in our community and around the world. The team has advanced multiple times to the Enactus National Exposition, where they presented projects such as the Kool 2 B Kind and Nuevo Camino.

Kool 2 B Kind

Campaign aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of bullying

Nuevo Camino

Effort to empower the underserved of Honduras to become economically stable

Global Learning

Studying in a culture different than your own, especially for a semester or longer, prepares students for global leadership opportunities and enhances employability. Through the Jannetides College of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership’ study abroad trip to El Salvador, students can apply their learning in a real-world context as well as earn an 18-credit hour minor in poverty alleviation and community development. Students interested in visiting other destinations can choose from among more than 10 university-sponsored trips as well as participate in semester- and yearlong journeys through the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS) or the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ (CCCU) BestSemester program.

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    Martin Ojeda

    SEU Enactus President
    As part of our Enactus program, Martin has made valuable career connections and used his entrepreneurial skills to positively impact communities around the world.
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  • MBA Program

    Assistant Professor of Counseling
    Our MBA degree attracts students from all over the world, giving them a broadened perspective and unique connections. In this video, hear firsthand why else some of our recent grads chose SEU’s MBA program as well as how it is helping them realize their career goals.
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  • Barbarah Reynolds

    MBA Programs
    Barbarah Reynolds, a business major at SEU, is passionate about improving the economies of third-world countries. Learn how SEU is giving her the skills to fulfill that mission.
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  • Natasha Ware

    Business Student
    Natasha Ware, assistant professor of accounting, shares about her experience teaching at Southeastern. She also explains why being CPA eligible is so important for accounting graduates and how SEU's program is designed to ready students for the CPA exam.
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