Work During College to Gain These Benefits

Can you recall the last time you were in your favorite coffee shop? You know, when you were staring at your laptop or smartphone, sipping on that delicious chai latte served by a smiling barista?

If you are currently in high school or in college with big dreams, you may have been searching for what your perfect future job might look like. You might be asking yourself – what could you see yourself doing full-time one day while also feeling fulfilled? This might have even come in the form of researching what you would consider doing to generate an “in-the-meantime” income while you craft that dream vocation. Although it can be intimidating, students who work during college can get ahead of the resume-building game by learning and gaining professional insight. 

Personally, I would not desire to be a teacher’s assistant for the rest of my life. However, the skills that I have accrued in the process have become invaluable to my confidence and acumen in the general workplace. You might be thinking, “Isn’t college an ideal place to train for a particular job?” Yes! But how could you advance yourself into that dream job one day, or at least make the process smoother? You start by exploring part-time jobs. In return, you’ll build your professionalism and your ever-growing portfolio.

While you begin to discover what you enjoy or don’t enjoy, in various job responsibilities, you also begin to develop key business techniques. When you work during college, it’s a time to network with leaders. Specifically, to find leaders who are prominent in their field as your team-player understanding increases. So, go grab yourself another latte, croissant, or cold brew. Let’s dive in together and think about how a part-time job can advance each of these qualities for you.

Identity Discovery: The Truth Behind Trial and Error

It’s one thing to see a job description on a screen that seems to match your personality test, and another to actually participate in that same position for 40 hours a week. Maintaining a part-time position while you’re in college will help you to realize that even the job you wish for may not be easy at first. Another reason to work during college is because you have the freedom to explore what you like and what you dislike. Try things out. Stretch yourself. Do something you would not ordinarily choose. From the start of your career journey, you can pick and piece together your strengths and what you love to do, and later apply for jobs that align with your passions.

Basic Business Principles: Relevant Now, Later, and Even Later On

By having a job while you’re in college, you can gain interpersonal skills, communications skills and leadership skills. While you can of course work in a variety of jobs off-campus, students can also apply for many positions on campus at SEU. These jobs range from working with our admission department, to serving brunch at Einstein Bagels, to many more campus operations in which you can gain practical skills. These skills carry over in helping you with personal effectiveness in your future workplace. In return, this leads you to greater opportunities for success. 

Networking Significance: People Know People by Working with People

When was the last time you worked with someone you didn’t know? It’s kind of scary at first, right? Common knowledge says that we would not trust a stranger to complete a task if we knew someone personally who could deliver the same result, but you won’t know until you give them a chance. Working with only like-minded people, who have similar desires, goals, and objectives can allow you to preserve relationships for the rest of your life. However, stepping out of your comfort zone and working with a variety of people will teach you things you never knew you needed to know. It’s unknown where you will be in five years, or even later on in life. Getting to know fellow coworkers today can give you the encouragement and the leverage to propel you into a successful future.

“Team Player” Mentality: Learned Humility as an Enormous Asset

If you have ever played on a sports team, you recognize the importance of unification and teamwork. Multiple contributions deploy the greatest result (and biggest win!) for whichever project, task, or event your job is trying to produce. Through practice, you’ll be the best team player, and that is an attractive feat.

Southeastern University plays an instrumental role in this realm of professional development. Working while also pursuing a college education regularly educates you in how to discover your identity through work experience. Students are also built up by cultivating business aptitudes, which can open doors. You’ll gain networking abilities with co-workers and managers. You’ll understand the value of humility in developing a team-player attitude. The benefits are endless!

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By Esther Shemeth, Digital Journalism major at SEU

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