Dreaming Is Just the Beginning

What is a dream? Is it just a fantasy or wishful thinking? Or is it something more than that?

For every university student and every emerging leader, a dream is definitely something more than just make-believe. Your dream is your direction. It’s where you want to go, who you want to be and what you want to do. It’s your map for generating transformation and cultivating an environment of innovation and creativity. It’s that vision in our mind that we think is impossible … but our heart believes is possible.

A dream is that intersection of your passion and your personality. It’s where all of the gifts, talents and desires God has given you will find fulfillment.

You see, every aspect of your person was uniquely crafted for a purpose. Your passion, your personality, your sense of humor — all were specifically shaped to create your unique person. And when God designed you, He designed a divine destiny for you as well. And when we chase after our dreams, we chase after that destiny.

Your God-given dream defines who you are. It gives meaning to your actions. Think of Moses leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. Without a dream, he was a man wandering aimlessly. He was guiding an entire nation into a desert of disempowerment. But with a dream, Moses is an example of courageous leadership. He overcomes every obstacle and empowers his people to transform from slavery to sovereignty. His vision interprets his journey. When we think of Moses, we don’t think of him as an Egyptian prince. We think of him as the Israelite leader who guided his people to the Promised Land. Why? Because we define him by his dream.

A dream is bigger than you. It’s bigger than what you think is possible because the size and importance of your dream is not based on you … it’s based on who you think God is.

Your view of your dream is directly connected to your view of God. And we do not serve a small God. We serve a God of unimaginable power and creativity. Part of our journey of faith is daring to dream those God-sized dreams!

So, what’s your dream?

Dr. Kent Ingle

This article by Dr. Ingle can also be read in the spring 2016 Southeastern magazine, due to release on campus later this week.

Dr. Kent Ingle

President of Southeastern University
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