Transfer Student Feature — Tyler Hilgers

In honor of National Transfer Student Week, we’re featuring the stories of some of our transfer students and why SEU made a difference in their lives.

“It was a God thing,” shares Tyler Hilgers about transferring over to SEU to finish his bachelor’s degree. 

When he graduated from his local high school in Daytona Beach, Florida, he wasn’t sure where to go to college. After touring several colleges nationally, Tyler began his undergrad at another private school in Minnesota pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med.

Finding What Was Missing

After completing his first year of college, Tyler felt something was missing. “I came to a point where I realized the school I was attending wasn’t shaping me to be a healthy person,” he shares. While reaching out to some former football coaches from high school and a former SEU football coach, Tyler found himself looking into alternative colleges where he could transfer to and be closer to home. As an avid athlete and football player, Tyler wanted to find a university that offered an impactful football program. 

Following a few recommendations for SEU, Tyler decided to fly down and meet his family at SEU to attend one of our Transfer Day events. At SEU, we love creating and hosting interactive visit events, where prospective students can learn more about our university and discover all that SEU has to offer. Upon arriving to our campus, Tyler and his family loved the welcoming atmosphere. “The moment I stepped foot on campus, I had the opportunity to experience the genuine authenticity in SEU’s culture,” explains Tyler about his first impressions of SEU. He also shares while he heard good things about SEU, it wasn’t until he came to campus that he was convinced this would be the place he would need to transfer to after finishing his freshman year in Minnesota.

During their visit, Tyler and his family remember touring campus, interacting with current students, staff, faculty, and getting to learn more about the degree programs we offer. “I could feel the Holy Spirit on campus,” admits Tyler. “I wasn’t in a strong place in my faith when I arrived to SEU, but after interacting with the people here, I thought maybe this would be the place to help me with getting back on my feet again spiritually.” Tyler would later apply and get accepted into the Kinesiology program at SEU.

Then and Now

Fast forward four years, Tyler now is completing his Master’s degree in Business Administration and working as an SEU graduate assistant on campus for our Office of Admission. When asked what he loves most about SEU, he quickly answered, “It’s the people. From our students to our staff members, there are people cheering you on and desiring to invest in your life outside of just academics.” He gives credit to many SEU faculty and student development leaders who left a positive impression on his life during his undergraduate years—an impact that has made him who he is today. “Community is first and foremost in everything here at SEU,” Tyler shares with a smile. 

Why Transfer?

For any student who is wondering whether they should transfer to Southeastern University next semester, Tyler says, “Everyone’s story is different. I definitely grew my first year when I attended school in Minnesota. But for me personally, I needed SEU in my life because it gave me the perfect combination of Christian structure and grace to grow into the adult I needed to be. When you come on campus, you will see for yourself that people here intentionally want to pour into your development.”

SEU will always be a place where students can discover their calling in a community of people committed to student success. For more information about how you can transfer to SEU to continue your college journey, visit our Transfer Student information page. This page provides information on how to check your transferrable credit hours, the steps involved in the admission process, and more details about how (and why) SEU is the right college home for you.

Good to Know

SEU is offering information sessions specifically for transfer students. Get more information and sign up here.

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