Transfer Student Feature — Makenzie Johnson

In honor of National Transfer Student Week, we’re featuring the stories of some of our transfer students and why SEU made a difference in their lives.

Makenzie Johnson moved to Lakeland, Florida, around the age of 16 and went on to graduate from a local high school. She loved the idea of going away for college and decided to enroll at Berry College, a private college in Rome, Georgia, for her freshman year. While Makenzie enjoyed her classes, she began to feel a prompting to transition at SEU, as many of her family members were involved with either working or studying on campus. Yet, this did not make her decision to apply to Southeastern an easy one. She admits, “It was a hard decision –– because I didn’t know how things would turn out for me at SEU. However, sometimes those hard decisions are what pay off the most.” 

“I initially started talking with Dr. Aimee Franklin about Southeastern University’s Biochemistry program –– she was amazing to connect with!” expresses Makenzie. As a cross-country and track and field athlete, she also reached out to the Fire Athletics department to learn more about the teams and their coaches at SEU. “After a lot of prayer and contemplation, it all felt like it was coming into place for me to pursue what I wanted at SEU,” she describes. Makenzie then applied and received her acceptance to Southeastern University, and began her journey of transferring into the SEU family. When asked what are some of the things she loves most about SEU, she responds, “I love how supportive everyone has been of me since I’ve gotten here. Also, the climate difference is definitely a plus! Florida is so much warmer.” 

With excitement, Makenzie has been enjoying her classes in the Biochemistry program.  Two professors within this program, Dr. Franklin and Dr. Shraw, have especially made her time at SEU so rewarding. Commenting on SEU’s staff and faculty integrating faith into their classes, Makenzie explains, “I appreciate the way Dr. Shraw will start the class with a devotion every day.” She also shares, “The professors here care so much about you. It’s a good atmosphere to develop those interpersonal relationships that stay with you after college.”

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SEU is offering information sessions specifically for transfer students. Get more information and sign up here.

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