Transfer Student Feature — Lindsey Davis

In honor of National Transfer Student Week, we’re featuring the stories of some of our transfer students and why SEU made a difference in their lives.

“You can’t have science and medicine without Jesus.” These were the words a Southeastern professor shared with incoming Transfer student Lindsey Davis. And this changed everything for her. Originally from Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Lindsey began her college journey at a couple different colleges. She played college volleyball for both a private college and a division II state school. While she was taking her classes, she felt there was a lack of faith integration. 

Lindsey heard about Southeastern University from a friend, which led to her visiting the campus in Lakeland, Florida, for the first time for a personal, scheduled visit. Lindsey was ready for something new. “I knew the Christ incorporation was something I really wanted, in addition to the Florida warmth and a place where I could really focus on academics,” she explains. She also shares how the admission team was so fun and helpful to work with. From the professors to the staff on campus, Lindsey felt a sense of belonging. “I love the community here –– there’s nothing like it,” she admits. 

Lindsey is currently working on a Bachelor of Science in Biology. After graduating from Southeastern University, she hopes to move on to her master’s degree and then her PhD in Neuroscience. She loves staying involved on campus through intramural volleyball and being an active member of the American Chemical Society. To anyone who is still debating whether to transfer to SEU, she says: “Definitely come to a visit event! As soon as you walk on campus, you can get the feeling that this is where you want to be. The campus is beautiful –– as are the people.” 

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SEU is offering information sessions specifically for transfer students. Get more information and sign up here.

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