Transfer Student Feature — Gabe Gibilisco

In honor of National Transfer Student Week, we’re featuring the stories of some of our transfer students and why SEU made a difference in their lives.

New Jersey native, Gabe Gibilisco, first heard about SEU through his father, who is a Southeastern alum. “I actually first visited SEU as a freshman in high school back in 2009,” he recalls. However, after graduating high school, Gabe enrolled in community college in hopes that it would be a more cost effective option. He completed his associate degree in Florence, New Jersey, and ended up popping back to SEU for another visit in 2015. This time, Gabe found himself completely drawn into the campus environment. 

“When I visited SEU, I quickly began to realize I didn’t want to be anywhere else,” he shares. “The countenance of the campus made me feel at ease.” Feeling a clear nudge from the Holy Spirit while being on a church mission trip in Costa Rica, Gabe made the decision of transferring to Southeastern University in the fall of 2016. Prior to coming that fall, Gabe had toured several other Christian universities, but he points out that something “drew [him] to SEU.” With the credits he had on his record, he was able to successfully transfer all of his community college credits over to SEU.

Memorable Culture & Community

Upon arriving to Southeastern  for his first semester, Gabe fell in love with the campus culture and community element. “My roommate became one of my best friends. At my previous college, there was ironically this lack of community. But at SEU, I found so much more than community. I found a place where everybody actually cared,” he affirms. During his time at SEU as a student, Gabe found strong support with the staff and faculty. After losing his mother unexpectedly, he was so encouraged by the intentionality of his professors. “At SEU, there is an overabundance of people who just want to see you succeed in your calling, even when you’re unsure of what that is, to walk with you even during hard times,” he explains. He also expresses a deep appreciation for the spiritual climate at SEU. “SEU excels in helping us see how God’s hand is constantly moving in our lives through every aspect of campus.”

Gabe graduated from SEU with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Journalism. Following his graduation, he landed a position serving as a graduate assistant for the School of Honors. With a passion to see students succeed, Gabe encourages all students who attend SEU to get involved in “as many things as you’d like” while on campus. He is currently finishing his master’s degree in International Community Development. He looks forward to what the future holds and is thankful for the role SEU has played in his personal development. 

Good to Know

SEU is offering information sessions specifically for transfer students. Get more information and sign up here.

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