SEU Chancellor Tommy Barnett Releases Autobiography

“Whatever you invest in others, it will come back to you in abundance.” — Tommy Barnett

Image of the book What If by Pastor Tommy BarnettThis quote, one of many memorable excerpts in Tommy Barnett’s new autobiography, “What If,” is a perfect illustration of Barnett’s own life and ministry

As a world-renowned speaker, the founder and global pastor of Dream City Church (one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in the U.S.), and the founder of the Dream Center and Phoenix Dream Center — Barnett’s ministry and innovative teaching has inspired countless people all over the world to build their relationship with Christ. Barnett is also the longtime chancellor of Southeastern University, and the namesake of SEU’s Barnett College of Ministry & Theology

Barnett is widely known for his teaching that “The method is not sacred – the message is!” That belief has led him to become an innovator, always looking for new and effective ways to reach our communities with a practical Gospel message. Now the story of his life’s journey and his personal reflections on the power of living in obedience to the call of God is available in his new autobiography, “What If.” 

This book, commissioned by Southeastern University, is now available on Amazon, and at TommyBarnett.com.