The Top 15 for Avoiding the Freshman 15

Ever heard of the “Freshman 15”? This common expression refers to the typical amount of weight gained by students during their first year of college. At SEU, we provide plenty of ways for students to stay in shape — and have fun doing it. The following are some of our favorite suggestions for avoiding the freshman 15 and staying healthy throughout college:

1. Go for a run

Southeastern’s 88-acre campus is situated on the shores of Lake Bonny and Lake Holloway, just two of the nearly 40 lakes in the area, many of which include scenic jogging and biking paths.

2. Compete in intramurals

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or you’ve never been on the playing field before, intramurals are a fun way to get into shape and meet new friends. Sports offered at SEU include flag football, indoor volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball and more.

3. Eat your greens

Tuscana Ristorante, our campus restaurant, includes many options for the health-conscious, including a full salad bar and vegetarian and gluten-free stations.

4. Swim laps at the pool

Our Aquatics Center offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can exercise and have fun while getting a nice tan in the Florida sunshine. Adult learn-to-swim classes are also available for students looking to increase their confidence in the water and learn basic strokes, such as the freestyle and backstroke.

5. Don’t skip breakfast

According to the Mayo Clinic, research suggests that regularly eating a healthy breakfast can actually promote weight loss. Our campus restaurant offers fresh fruit and other healthy breakfast options for those looking to start their day off right.

6. Dance off the pounds

Weekly wellness classes are held on campus by instructors who are passionate about exercise and students’ well-being. From ballet to Pilates to step workouts, there’s sure to be a class that will fit your needs.

7. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water each day is important not only for your waistline but also for your mental clarity. Stop in at our College of Natural & Health Sciences building to fill up at the water bottle refill station.

8. Take the long way to class

Make it your goal each day to leave 10 minutes earlier than usual so you can get in a quick walk before class. Swing by the Divine Servant statue, also known on campus as the Jesus Fountain, or take a stroll along beautiful Lake Bonny.

9. Participate in campus events

From hitting a homerun at our annual whiffle ball competition to serving our local community at an Exposure outreach, there are plenty of high-energy student events held each semester to help you stay active.

10. Become a campus tour guide

A great way to meet your steps quota for the day — and make a little extra cash — is to serve as a campus tour guide. You’ll be helping students and their families discover our SEU community as well as improving your health.

11. Attend an Unpland Improv comedy show

According to the International Journal of Obesity, just 15 minutes of laughter a day will burn 10–40 calories, equaling up to 1–4 pounds a year. Who knew losing weight could be so fun?

12. Go to a football game

The student section at Victory Field isn’t known for spending much time sitting during a football game. You’ll be sure to get a great workout as you show your school spirit and help cheer on the Fire.

13. Eat slowly

Your academic advisor can help you schedule your classes so you won’t have to rush through mealtime. Eating slowly gives your body more time to digest the food you’re eating, and you’ll be more likely to feel satisfied throughout the day.

14. Lift weights

Our campus wellness center is equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes, strength-training equipment and free weights. If you want to get off campus to work out, there are more than 10 local fitness centers to choose from.

15. Explore downtown Lakeland

Located just 10 minutes from campus, the historic downtown area offers plenty of opportunities for biking, walking and having fun. Check out Hollis Gardens — a breathtaking showcase of over 10,000 flowers and plants — the Saturday farmers market and more.