Student Success at SEU

By: Azia Constance, SEU Student

The Southeastern University campus is full of hidden treasures and packed with resources and materials to help students excel. Among these gems is the Academic Center for Enrichment, more commonly known as ACE.

More Than Tutoring

ACE is a free, on-campus tutoring center, but there is so much more to it. Besides one-on-one tutoring, ACE offers services such as printing, subject area workshops, academic resources and success coaching. The facilities are complete with a computer lab and a library stocked with textbooks. The staff is bursting with peer tutors eager to assist the student body in achieving academic success.

Serving All Students

This thriving department serves all students, including athletes to extension site students. It not only serves students on and off campus, but it also aids faculty and staff by being an extension of the classroom. Their goal is to “enhance academic programs as a resource to professors, empower students to develop academic success through tutoring and workshops, as well as encourage the SEU community by offering services that promote hope, respect and understanding to each individual.”


Peer tutoring at ACE

ACE started as a club on campus that was run by students who wanted to use their gifts to help others excel academically. Once the club got a staff member on board with their vision, the ball really began rolling. This small club turned into the continually-developing department seen today. What started in a modular building with a handful of workers has grown into a beautiful suite in Buena Vida, accumulating thousands of visits per week.
The ACE staff encourages students to take advantage of what the department is doing on campus and to visit any time they need.

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