Student Blog: It’s Game Time!

College is a time to build relationships, learn new things and ultimately have fun doing whatever you enjoy doing — and Southeastern University is no exception. There are so many great opportunities here on campus. You like spoken word poetry? Speak That is the club for you. Is singing your passion? Join the worship choir. And what about those of you who love to play sports? Look no further than Southeastern’s intramural league.Intramural sports are an excellent way to make friends and have fun. You don’t have to be a world-class athlete or even have experience playing the given sport.

Intramural sports are an excellent way to make friends and have fun. You don’t have to be a world-class athlete or even have experience playing the given sport. You just need to show up with a good attitude and desire to have a great time. Who knows? You could become the next Peyton Manning or Brody Smith!

The spring 2016 semester is already shaping up to be a great one for intramurals at SEU. Students can choose from basketball, soccer, women’s flag football and ultimate Frisbee, and each offers something exciting and different than the others. Check out descriptions of the sports below to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Co-ed basketball

Basketball is a fast-moving game of skill and strategy. The victory doesn’t always go to the most athletic team. It usually goes to the team that is willing to work the hardest. Last year my basketball team certainly did not have the most talent in the league, but I firmly believe we had the most fun. Every game our coach showed up in a three-piece suit and treated it like the NBA Finals. In one of our games, every single player from our team scored! I am certainly looking forward to playing again this semester and hopefully going deep in the playoffs. We currently have a record number of teams for basketball, and it looks like there will be some tough competition. The games will be taking place in the Furnace on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8:30 to 11:30, so be sure to come check it out and cheer on your friends.

Co-ed soccer

Soccer is another sport that I am really excited about this semester. Last fall we had an indoor soccer league. The games were held on the tennis courts and were really entertaining to watch. This semester we get to use Victory Field. It will be a blast being able to play on the turf. I can’t wait to pull out my new cleats and go to work! The teams will have eight on the field, including a goalie, and will play for two 20-minute halves.

Powder puff flag football

Last semester the guys had their chance to play flag football. This spring, it’s the ladies’ turn! Powder puff flag football was a huge success last year, and we expect another strong turnout this year. Five players from each team will take the field and try to put the ball in the end zone. It should be very interesting to see which team takes home the trophy this season.

Co-ed ultimate Frisbee

The sport I can’t wait to start playing is ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate requires hard work and a lot of teamwork. One player can’t just take the disc down the field by him or herself. You have to work together to achieve victory. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you make a great pass to a teammate or catch a touchdown. Ultimate is one of the fastest-growing sports in America, and hopefully we can help make it even more popular.

Ready to join the team?

I have only been in college for three full semesters, but I have already made so many great memories playing intramurals. I encourage interested students not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to make new friends and get plugged in on campus. It doesn’t matter if you have played a sport for years or if you’ve never played before in your life. It also doesn’t matter if you are focused on winning or if you just want to enjoy the game. If you love to have fun, intramurals are for you! Be sure to log in to MySEU, our student Web portal, and visit the intramurals page to learn more.

Johnny White

Mathematics, Class of 2018
Member of Unpland Improv
Intramurals team manager
Member of SEU Honors Program