Student Blog: Higher Education as a Calling

Whether you are attending Southeastern University or feel led to come here as a student, you have a calling on your life toward higher education. We usually think of college as a steppingstone to our real calling or vocation, sort of like parentheses in life, but in reality, if you are or soon will become a college student (whether at SEU or elsewhere), college is your calling. So, how do we live right now if higher education is our calling? How do we glorify God here and now?

Higher Education as a Call for Excellence

How can we glorify God in our higher education experience? By fulfilling our calling with excellence — that is, by taking our education seriously, by seeking out those who will push us forward to greater things, by taking advantage of every opportunity for growth. Higher education gives us the opportunity to flourish here and now, to take what God has given us now and use it to its fullest.Higher education gives us the opportunity to flourish here and now, to take what God has given us now and use it to its fullest. Excellence is about choosing to challenge ourselves, not because it is necessary but because we know ourselves to be called to something higher. Excellence is when we choose to push ourselves today because we want to be better tomorrow. Excellence is when we make the conscious choice to make good use of our talents for the day when the Master returns. Excellence is when we stop working for the GPA and start working for the Lord. As we live with excellence in the world of higher education, we are cultivating a habit of excellence — one that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Higher Education as a Ministry

My first year of college, I viewed college like that parentheses in life. This was my time to just learn how to be what I was going to be one day, and it finally hit me that if I wasn’t doing the ministry today that I say I’m going to do in the future, that future is never going to come. I began to wonder how I could really do ministry here, at Southeastern University. There are many, many tremendous ministries to get involved in at SEU, but here’s one God has placed on my heart that most people don’t think of: professors.

God placed my professors on my heart. I viewed them at first as brilliant people whose job is to serve me, teach me, help me — but then I realized that they are just people. They have bad days, just like me; they feel discouraged, just like me; and they need support, just like me. I developed a sort of motto for myself: “Be a joy to each professor by being an eager, engaged, respectful and excellent student.” I want to encourage my professors, show my gratitude for their endurance every day in their often-difficult calling, pray for them and be to them that student I hope to one day have. As your wonderful professors pour into your life, your professors need someone to minister to them. Be that person.

Higher Education as a Training Ground

We hear it all the time: “Your generation is the generation that will hold the future. You are the world’s next generation of leaders.” Do you take that seriously? I do. There is a story about a young boy who was going to be a future leader, and he knew it. He did what each of us should do: he went to the place where he knew he could learn about his field, and he listened, learned and asked questions. “Your generation is the generation that will hold the future. You are the world’s next generation of leaders.”That boy was Jesus. We read in the second chapter of Luke the story of Jesus as a 12-year-old boy, the Son of God, humbly asking questions in the temple (Luke 2:46).

Think about that for a minute. Jesus, the Son of God, unarguably the only perfect man ever to live and undoubtedly more well-prepared for His calling than any of us could ever hope to be, did not consider Himself excluded from the need for learning and preparation. He had his training ground, and it lasted over 30 years.

As college students, our training ground is our university setting, and while this time should by no means be viewed only as a steppingstone to greater things, it is a training ground that we should take seriously. Immerse yourself in the experiences, academics and relationships you will need to truly prepare for your future. Do what you need to do in order that it may said of you, as it was of Christ: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man,” (Luke 2:52).

The Next Step

Higher education is a calling and Southeastern University asserts this fact with conviction. At Southeastern we believe strongly that where you are now is where you are called to live with excellence, do ministry and train for the future. Don’t think you must wait until tomorrow to become the person you are called to be — be that person today. Live out your calling at Southeastern University.

Abigail Roe

ESE 4+1 program, Class of 2017
Lead facilitator at the Academic Center for Enrichment
Member of SEU Honors Program