Student Blog: 5 Things to Know About the College of Education

I still remember my first College of Education (COE) meeting my first semester at Southeastern University. It was exciting, intimidating and somewhat confusing. As I listened to faculty members and upperclassmen talk, I began to wonder what being an education major would really look like. It sounded both wonderful and really, really frightening. My new major sounded like everything I had dreamed it would be, but I was also asking myself what exactly I had gotten myself into.

Now, as I finish up my undergraduate studies this semester, I have learned a lot about the COE and what it means to be an education major. I’d like to share a few of the greatest lessons I have learned that have helped me thrive as an education major here at SEU.

The COE is a family

Imagine going into class and knowing the name of every other person there, being greeted by name by every professor in the COE or being missed and prayed for when you’re not in class. This is what life is like in the COE. And the COE isn’t tiny; the family atmosphere exists because our beloved professors and every student in the COE make an effort to maintain the family culture.Everyone in the COE has a place, a role and a part to play in our wonderful, loving community.

Now, as the upperclassman in those first-semester education meetings, I can hardly contain my delight at seeing the freshmen and transfer students who are joining our family. Everyone in the COE has a place, a role and a part to play in our wonderful, loving community. The COE is a family.

The COE is fun

Whoever said that the COE is all business? Imagine walking into your first education class. On the brightly colored tables around you are stacks of construction paper and crayons. Is this example the exception in education classes? No, quite the contrary — it’s the rule.

As education majors, our future jobs will require us to be creative and make learning fun for all our students. Our education professors think we should get a head start on both creating and experiencing fun and engaging lessons. Expect to use crayons, markers, play dough and sticky notes frequently. Also expect to be read aloud to by your professors in at least a few classes. Am I making things up? Does this sound too good to be true? Welcome to the life of an SEU education major.

Oh and did I mention that our professors also love to have fun in the COE tailgating tent at SEU Fire football games? Don that red and black; the COE professors really know how to show team spirit! The COE is fun!

The COE is rigorous

My major (exceptional student education 4+1) has 100% placement. That means that every student who graduates from my academic program gets a job in education after graduation — every single student. That’s impressive, and it isn’t a coincidence.Southeastern’s COE has a growing reputation in the state for being a top-notch education program. We represent quality, creativity and character.

Southeastern’s COE has a growing reputation in the state for being a top-notch education program. We represent quality, creativity and character. Like all our programs here at SEU, our education programs are designed to prepare individuals not just with head knowledge but with the real-world skills and passion they need to make a difference, not just hold a job.

We believe in excellence in everything. Expect to go to class and be challenged. Our faculty at SEU, and particularly in the COE, is dedicated to pushing students beyond what they think they can do, into what God has called them to do. So, yes, the COE is rigorous (but I wouldn’t have it any other way).

The COE is gracious

When I started out as an education major, I pretended that life was great, my classes were going well, I was perfectly happy, completely put-together and had no problems in the world. Let’s be real — that’s not true and the pretense is impossible to maintain. Although I still pretend that I have it all together more often than I ought, over the years I have learned that the COE is truly gracious.

Many of the best moments of my learning and growing as an individual, Christian and education major have come when I have admitted to my professors, advisors or friends that I really don’t know what I am doing and I need help, advice or just someone to talk to. I am continually amazed by the grace and love each member of the COE has for every other member. Even professors are willing not only to help students but also to admit when they make mistakes.

Here in the COE, we are about helping each other, about loving each other and about using our unique gifts in unison to best fulfill our individual and corporate callings. We recognize that we are all humans, saved by grace and called to love. The COE is gracious.

The COE is Christ-centered

At the beginning of every semester, the COE has what is called Education Chapel. It’s a special chapel for all education students to come and refocus their thoughts on the Person who is the center of all that we do. The leadership of the COE makes an effort to have this chapel service because they are uncompromising on one central idea that binds together everything we do in the COE: Jesus is first.

This same idea is what drives our professors to pray every day before class, challenges us to integrate our faith even in the public school classroom and encourages us to not take our calling in education lightly.

Without a doubt, more than anything else you can gain from being an education major at SEU, growing in your knowledge of Christ is the most important. If this is something you seek, then Southeastern University’s College of Education is the place for you. Jesus is first. The COE is Christ-centered.

Abigail Roe

ESE 4+1 program, Class of 2017
Lead facilitator at the Academic Center for Enrichment
Member of SEU Honors Program