SEU Professors Contribute to Book on Women in Ministry

Professors from the College of Christian Ministries and Religion at Southeastern University contributed to a scholarly volume published on the study of women in Pentecostal and Charismatic ministry. The volume, entitled Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry, was published by Brill and is an addition to the series Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies by William K. Kay (Glyndŵr) and Mark J. Cartledge (Regent). The volume centered on the question, “How have Pentecostal Charismatic women of faith responded to a religious context that often has limited their voices and perspectives while, at the same time, depended upon their many gifts?”

“Importantly, the book has offered a female perspective to an oft-heard Pentecostal narrative that has generally been framed by men and not women. It attempts to present the ‘standpoint’ of women Pentecostals, theologically and historically speaking, and to give a voice to Pentecostal and Charismatic women. Presenting this ‘standpoint’ as such is new,” said Dr. Margaret English de Alminana, associate professor of historical theology and women’s studies at Southeastern.

Dr. de Alminana was approached by the series editor, and she recommended Dr. Lois Olena, a professor at Evangel University, as co-editor. Both editors contributed chapters to the book, in addition to editing.

“My dissertation was written on Women in Pentecostal Leadership, A Biographical Survey of 20th Century Female Pentecostal Leadership and An Incipient Egalitarian Struggle, as well as my undergraduate thesis, Patriarchy or Shared Leadership? As a Pentecostal woman who was called but struggled for affirmation and opportunity, I am committed to helping other women become all that God called them to be,” said Dr. de Alminana.

The volume includes articles from three other Southeastern professors, Dr. Melissa Archer, associate professor of biblical studies; Dr. Zachary Tackett, chair of the undergraduate studies in the College of Christian Ministries and Religion; and Dr. Peter Althouse, professor of theology. The volume is available at Brill and Amazon.