SEU Professor to Be Featured on National Radio Program

Dr. Robert Crosby, professor of practical theology, and his wife, Pam, senior director for COMPASS: The Center for Calling and Career, will be featured Monday, April 25, on Dr. James Dobson’s nationally broadcast radio program, Family Talk. The program will focus primarily on Dr. Crosby’s 2014 book, The One Jesus Loves.

“We so often hear Christian leaders and pastors tell us that ‘we need to know Christ’ or ‘to grow in Christ,’ but we rarely have them tell us how we know when we have. The One Jesus Loves is a simple and clear spiritual formation model that helps us know and sense when we are truly growing closer to and more intimate with Jesus,” Dr. Crosby said.

In The One Jesus Loves, readers explore the “six circles” of relationships Christ had during His ministry and are challenged to reflect on their own pursuit of Christ and how they can draw closer to Him.

Dr. Crosby will also share about his testimony during the program, specifically his experience losing his voice as a pastor over 20 years ago and how that challenge has influenced his impact as a ministry leader and author.

“Within my own heart, I really had a great desire to write,” Dr. Crosby said, reflecting on the weeks after losing his voice. “So while I was really struggling a lot with my voice, I started writing. When I began to do that — when I began to accept it — more of my voice began to return. I am quite sure that I would not have the writer’s voice that I have today if I had never had the challenges that I had with my physical voice.”

In addition to The One Jesus Loves, Dr. Crosby has authored The Teaming Church: Ministry in the Age of Collaboration and More Than a Savior, among other books, and writes for Christianity Today, Outreach magazine, Patheos.com and Leadership Journal.

He is a conference speaker and pastoral leader; has pastored churches in New York, Boston and Ohio; and formerly served as a university vice present. He and Pam are also the founders of Teaming Life Conferences and Resources and speak at leadership, family and church events across the nation and worldwide.

Following the national broadcast of the program this coming Monday, a link to a streaming version of the program will be made available online at drjamesdobson.com.

“Our prayer is that people wanting to grow closer to Jesus and those dealing with any type of affliction or physical struggle will have a chance to hear the broadcast,” Dr. Crosby said.