From SEU to the NBA-Kristen Ledlow

Living the Dream

“One of the most exciting aspects of my job is that I get paid money to go to basketball games. That was my dream my entire life. To think that there’s an actual job that exists to watch the best of the best play the game I love is mind-blowing,” said Kristen Ledlow, ’10, sports anchor and co-host for “NBA Inside Stuff,” which airs each Saturday on NBA TV.

For Ledlow, an alumna of the department of communication in the College of Arts & Media at Southeastern, what was once a dream has become reality.Ledlow graduated from Southeastern after transferring from Florida State University and quickly transitioned into our communication department while also playing basketball for the Fire.

“The broadcasting program was one of the reasons I chose to transfer to SEU to get my degree,” said Ledlow. “The department was the most impressive part of the campus. It not only offered classes that would help me prepare for my career, the equipment was second to none.”

Following an impressive collegiate athletic career in which she earned All-American honors in volleyball and set school scoring records in basketball at Southeastern, Ledlow was fully prepared to transition into a sports broadcast position upon graduation. It was during her time at a radio station in Atlanta, Georgia, that she auditioned for a position with “NBA Inside Stuff” and was later hired.

“I asked for an audition to meet Grant Hill for a day,” said Ledlow. “A few days later I got a phone call that they were still looking at a few women for the role. Within two weeks I had gotten the job, and was working there within the month.”

In her role, Ledlow is responsible for setting up show segments, interviewing athletes and creating engaging energy with her co-host, Grant Hill. After achieving her lifelong dream, she is grateful for the opportunities she has in her position.

A Platform Beyond Basketball

Kristen’s passion and her awareness of the platform God has given her is what has allowed her to reach out and serve those around her, including those recently affected by natural disasters in areas such as Puerto Rico and Texas. “The platform afforded to me is second to none — the ability to speak to hundreds of thousands. People listen to what I say, which is a great weight, but such a privilege,” said Ledlow. “It’s a very special thing to be able to speak up for those who can’t.”

“As a specific example, the people of Puerto Rico are one of the many groups of people in need following recent natural disasters. Because of our reach on both NBA TV and TNT, I have been able to tell stories of men like J.J. Barea — who responded immediately and leads an ongoing effort — to millions watching,” said Kristen.

Although given the ability to speak to such a wide audience, Kristen acknowledges God for the platform she has been given, and intends to continue to speak for His purpose.

“I am highly aware of the platform I have been given — and I intend to use it for a purpose beyond basketball,” said Ledlow. “I have found that one of our most basic needs as human beings is to be heard. I want to use it to speak up for those who believe they are not heard.”

Work Hard, Play Hard

In addition to being humbled by such opportunities, Ledlow is passionate about how her position is changing the landscape of sports broadcasting. “It’s an exciting time to be a woman in sports and sports broadcasting. When I was a kid, there were very few I could look up to,” said Kristen. “Now it’s a realistic possibility for a little girl to become an NBA coach or call an NBA game.”

Ledlow also encourages other Southeastern alumni or students interested in a similar career to not be afraid of the hard work that is required to achieve a dream. “My best advice would be to intern. Understand that you may have to work for free while you prove your worth,” said Ledlow. “Be willing to move and to give up your nights and weekends.”

It is not all work and no play, however. Ledlow enjoys working alongside professional NBA athletes and reliving her own athletic career. “My favorite NBA all-star to play against is Grant Hill, because I can beat him. And I have,” said Ledlow with a smile.

With all her success, however, Kristen continues to be grateful for the classes, professors and friends who challenged and shaped her during her time at Southeastern. She also credits her success to God and all that He has done in her life to place her where she
is today.

“I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. It has been given to me from Him. The moment I forget that, or stray from that, or look elsewhere, is where I feel the platform underneath me become shakier.”

Kristen Ledlow at The Forum

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