SEU Launches Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force

On Friday, July 24, Dr. Kent Ingle announced that Southeastern University has established a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force. The purpose of this task force is to advance racial diversity on campus and to work toward racial reconciliation. 

The task force will start by listening to students, faculty and staff in order to bring about change on campus. 

Sylvia Blackmon-Roberts, associate vice president of community relations, will lead the task force as the chairman. The vice-chairman is Scott Williams, a Southeastern board member. The task force also includes faculty and staff representatives who are committed to creating changes on the university’s campus. 

“In light of recent tragic events, my eyes have been opened to the culture of racial injustice that still exists in our nation,” said SEU President, Dr. Kent Ingle. “As a university, we want to be an active part of the healing and restoration of racial injustice. We believe we can do this by engaging in conversation with those who have been affected by inequality.”

The task force is in addition to the Department of Multicultural Affairs, which was established in the fall of 2017 at Southeastern. The goal of the department has been to raise the level of awareness of how different cultural perspectives impact society. The department, housed under Student Development, works to ensure that there are times and spaces where conversations can happen, voices can be heard and actions can be planned.

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