SEU Enactus Invests in Choloma, Honduras

As spring break approaches, most students look forward to time off, but for eight students at Southeastern University, they anticipate being able to invest in the people of Choloma, Honduras.

From February 28 to March 4, SEU’s Enactus team will take a trip to Honduras to continue its work on a project called Nuevo Camino, meaning “New Path.” “The goal of this initiative is to meet the needs of various peoples of Honduras by creating and implementing sustainable solutions. In short, it is a business-as-mission endeavor,” said Krista Rogers, the business advisory board liaison for SEU Enactus. This will be SEU Enactus’ seventh trip to Honduras.“The goal of this initiative is to meet the needs of various peoples of Honduras by creating and implementing sustainable solutions. In short, it is a business-as-mission endeavor.”

Enactus is a global nonprofit that consists of university students from all over the world who create change through positive entrepreneurial action. According to Enactus’ website, its mission is carried out in 36 countries through over 70,000 students and on 1,700 college campuses. The organization estimates that it is impacting 2 million people around the world. Southeastern has been a part of Enactus for the past 10 years.

SEU Enactus partners with Compelled by Christ Ministries (CBC), a ministry that helps remove girls from harsh situations. In this upcoming trip, the students will set up a chicken coop as a source of food and potential profit for the girls at CBC. “Spending time with these girls really motivated me to add a minor in social services to learn how to effectively help people reach their fullest potential,” said sophomore Melissa Roche.

_7853862_origSEU Enactus became aware of this opportunity in Choloma, Honduras, after the need was brought to the attention of the team’s advisor, Professor Tim Welch. SEU Enactus made its first trip to Honduras in 2013. Since that time, SEU Enactus has traveled to Honduras twice a year.

_5182114_origOn several trips the team has met with the mayor of Choloma and his chamber in order to identify specific needs within the city. During its most recent trip in the fall, the team established an entrepreneurial club called My City Movement at a local high school. They encouraged the high school students to structure themselves as a mini Enactus team and take action in their own community. The students elected their own board members and chose to focus on recycling. SEU Enactus keeps in contact with the students every week to offer mentoring and accountability. On the trip this spring, SEU Enactus will expand the My City Movement initiative to an additional high school.

“Enactus is making an impact in Honduras by meeting tangible needs not just for the short term, but with the future in mind. We often reference the saying, ‘If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.’ In keeping with the mission of Enactus, our team is all about empowering others,” said Krista.

What Our Students Have to Say

“For me, being an international business major, having the opportunity to travel abroad while using business skills to empower others has helped me to get hands-on experience.” —Jonathan Rodriguez, Assistant Project Leader, Senior

“We go with intent to empower others, but we ourselves return empowered more than we anticipated.” —Sara Telzerow, Nuevo Camino Project Leader, Junior