SEU Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force Update

As a university, we are committed to working toward real change and evaluating ways that we can improve our campus culture and community. One of these ways is through our new Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force. 

This week, members of our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force joined SEU President Dr. Kent Ingle on SEU Now. Since the task force was first launched in July, they have taken a posture of listening to our community. Over the past few months, they have met with students, faculty and staff to address concerns and to create solutions and recommendations for our university. 

Human Dignity Statement

Early work of the task force included the development of our human dignity statement, which is centered on love and rooted in scripture. This powerful statement is the cornerstone of the work of our task force. It is a reflection of the importance of cultivating a culture of awareness that respects and upholds the dignity of every individual on our campus.

Awareness & Development Programs

One of the first initiatives of the task force is the implementation of an awareness and development program. The goal is to launch the program for faculty and staff in January in addition to creating similar programs for students. The SEU community will receive more information about these programs in the near future. 

Moving Forward

Dr. Ingle expressed his gratitude to the members of our Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Task Force. “The work they do and conversations they have are imperative as we move forward as a community,” said Ingle. “On a personal level, these discussions have made an impression on me, and I am passionate about making things right on our campus.” 

Dr. Ingle encourages the members of the SEU community to take the time to listen to the wisdom that is shared by the members of this task force in the recent edition of SEU Now. “I truly believe that the work of the task force is God-ordained,” Ingle explains. 

As we navigate through the challenges our university and nation face, let us continue to cultivate a posture of listening. And, let us also pray that God continues to work in our hearts so we can create an environment that respects the dignity of every individual. 


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