SEU Conference 2018

Gathered in a remote corner of campus, a room full of students and staff bow their heads, praying for God’s strength, guidance and favor in the remaining days before SEU Conference, the largest annual event hosted by SEU (other than commencement).

For months this “dream team,” led by Campus Pastor Phil Urdiales, has prepared every detail of SEU Conference — meeting about, planning for and praying over every aspect. The team consists of student leaders, members of SEU Worship, the School of Worship, the vice president and staff of Student Development, media services and IT, marketing and communications staff, and many, many more.

What is SEU Conference?

SEU Conference is a three-day worship event that is held annually in the Lakeland area. Conference consists of messages, presented both in assembly and breakout session formats, intended to inspire, teach, challenge and encourage all attendees.
While many Conference attendees are current SEU students, the event is open to the general public and also attracts youth groups and church ministries throughout the Southeast. Prospective SEU students who are visiting SEU during the two-day visit event Preview Days also get the exciting opportunity to participate in Conference.

The 2018 event will be held February 26, 27 and 28 at Family Worship Center in Lakeland. Parking and admission are completely free.

Worship to Remember

SEU Worship, our student music ministry, has reached incredible heights in popularity on platforms such as Spotify…reaching a total of more than 4 million streams with their 2017 self-titled album alone! SEU Worship continues to be a powerful voice for praise, and released their EP Born to Run last fall.

As a special treat for their listeners, and to boost interest in Conference, SEU Worship is dropping a single exclusively on Spotify, entitled Won’t Look Back on February 23. The group will then perform at SEU Conference, where they will do the live recording of their next album, which will be released in the fall of 2018.

Getting Ready for Kickoff

“Preparation for Conference isn’t just about lighting and microphones,” said Urdiales. “It’s about preparing our hearts for the messages that God will send during those three incredible days, and inviting Him to go before us.” Students, staff and faculty are invited to fast in the week prior to Conference and spend extra time in the Word. Moments of prayer happen throughout the week, chapel services place additional emphasis on preparation through prayer, and the excitement around campus is palpable.

Urdiales encouraged the dream team, lauded all of their work that often happens behind the scenes, and reminded them of the purpose of all of their efforts. “We’re all for each other, and all we do is for Him. The heartbeat of Conference is always only Jesus.”

Speaker Lineup

One of the biggest draws to Conference is the many nationally-known Christian speakers, pastors and ministry leaders who take the time to travel to Lakeland to pour into the lives of our students and community.

This year’s speakers include:

The group Mosaic MSC will also perform during the event, and host a breakout session.

Showing Compassion

As done in previous years, Conference will offer opportunities to sponsor a child in need through Compassion International. This year’s recipients will be children from Central America.

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