SEU Announces Agreement with Ross University for Veterinary Students

Southeastern University reached a program agreement with Ross University to provide students with 12 guaranteed seats annually into Ross University’s veterinary program. This is the first partnership for Southeastern in the veterinary program. The university also has an agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine for seats in the concentrations of dentistry, pharmacy, and medical sciences.

Ross University, located on St. Kitts island, is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA COE). Their programs focus on tropical veterinary medicine, conservation of endangered species, preserving ecosystems, and researching zoonotic diseases. There are currently only 30 schools and colleges within the United States that are accredited through the AVMA.

“Our college is excited about the new agreement with Ross University,” said Dr. Sheila Abraham, professor of biology. “This agreement will enable a quicker and easier transition into a very competitive program and allow those called to serve as veterinarians to fulfill their divine design.”

In the fall of 2019, Southeastern’s biology/pre-med degree was renamed to a Bachelor of Science in Biology with four concentration track options, including studies in veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and medical sciences

“The BS in Biology program with a concentration in veterinary medicine is designed to proactively prepare students for admission into veterinary school while simultaneously launching their careers in veterinary medicine,” said Abraham. 

The program at Ross University includes seven semesters in St. Kitts, with the last three semesters being clinical training at an AVMA accredited school of veterinary medicine within the U.S., Canada, Ireland, or Australia. In addition to earning a doctorate in veterinary medicine, through Ross University, students have the opportunity to combine their veterinary education with a Master of Science by Research degree program to obtain postgraduate level research training.


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