Q Union Presentations at SEU

SEU hosted Q Union in our Buena Vida Auditorium on the evening of Thursday, November 2.

In a time where conflict appears ever-present and difficult topics are often left undiscussed, Southeastern University has taken the initiative to create an atmosphere where students and faculty can engage in meaningful conversation. One of the ways in which these conversations are being encouraged is by hosting Q Union.

Q Union is an event where three nationally-broadcasted speakers and three local students educate, inspire and offer people of faith creative ways to respond to the difficult challenges facing local campuses and communities. Q Union is a branch of Q Commons, a live learning experience that challenges attendees to stay curious, think well and advance good in their communities.

The movement, which spans across the United States and is traveling to different colleges, challenges students to approach difficult topics from a fresh perspective and Christian mindset.

The speakers for the event included David Brooks, an op-ed columnist for The New York Times; Kara Powell, PhD, the executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary; and Propaganda (Jason Petty), an activist and a Los Angeles-based hip-hop and spoken word artist. The speakers discussed the topics of “Cultivating Virtue,” “Confronting Our Technology Addiction” and “Our Complicated Moment.”

The student speakers included Skiipp Davenport, a junior majoring in practical ministries and in broadcasting; Cassandra Dorsaint, a graduate student who is pursuing her MBA; and Zana Evans, a sophomore majoring in organizational leadership. The students addressed the topics of “London’s Bridge,” “Leaders Don’t Panic, They Plan” and “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

“I believe the conversations that we had at Q are so needed and crucial, especially for such a time as this,” said Davenport. “Social injustice is an elephant in the room that has been present for centuries, and we as a church have not been addressing it.”    

Students enjoyed the opportunity to hear from both national speakers, as well as their peers. Creating a space to engage in healthy, meaningful conversation is the beginning of understanding, and Southeastern looks forward to holding similar events in the future.

Article by: Devin Yasi, SEU Student