Parent Education Series—Going Remote

Southeastern University has released “Going Remote,” a five-part learning series to help the millions of parents across the nation who are now faced with helping their school-aged children with learning from home. 

The free videos provide tips and encouragement from two SEU professors of education, Dr. Janet Deck and Dr. Sarah Yates. Together, the professors have more than 30 years of teaching experience. They have not only homeschooled their own children, but they have taught in the public school system in addition to currently teaching in the College of Education at SEU.

Each episode addresses helpful anecdotes and learning strategies to incorporate at home for each level of learning, from pre-K through high school. 

Professors in the College of Education wanted to provide assistance and encouragement to families navigating this uncertain time.

Deck assures parents, “You can do it! You have been teaching your kids since the day they were born. You may not have experience teaching in a formal educational setting, but natural learning is the best kind.”

The videos can be accessed by signing up for free at SEU.edu/parentconnection.

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