New Degree: MA in the Art of Design Management

The College of Arts & Media at Southeastern University is excited to launch our first master’s degree, the Master of Arts in the Art of Design Management. We are eagerly looking forward to being the first university to offer a graduate degree that focuses on organizational unity and innovation in such a practical and hands-on manner. This program, scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2021, will be available in-person or as a hybrid.

The MA in the Art of Design Management, requiring 36 credit hours to complete, is designed to bridge the current skill gap in regard to corporate professionals: the need for an individual who can balance the corporate vision, the community, the stakeholders, and the corporate bottom-line at all levels of decision-making and leadership in an organization — all the while employing creative problem-solving skills. The graduates will be the business managers who can address leadership challenges creatively and designers who can lead a creative industry efficiently.

A unique feature of this new degree is the collaboration between two of Southeastern University’s premier colleges: the College of Arts & Media and the Jannetides College  of Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership. Although the new program will be housed in the College of Arts & Media, it draws on the expertise of faculty in both disciplines, with core courses consisting of business and art foundations, quantitative and qualitative problem solving, drawing, leadership, mass and interpersonal communication, observation and reasoning, finance, micro and macro economics, and management strategies. This program will graduate professionals who can innovate and create unity in the world of business, the arts, or both. Today’s workplace demands skilled decision-makers who can not only thrive in the world of business, but also those who can tap into an artistic ethos built around creativity, team-building, and design thinking.

Intentionally developed with the visionary thinker in mind, the coursework consists of studies in the principles of art and business. Classes will focus on issues in design, effective communication strategies, team-building, financial principles, accounting, and marketing. In short, this graduate degree offers a hybrid of analytical business skills and the type of problem-solving skills that can only come from grounding in the arts. Professor Saied Farisi, who will teach in the new program, noted this when he said, “The Art of Design Management is a unique, rare, and outstanding program that blends the artists’ and designers’ aesthetically-pleasing, creative problem-solving thinking and processes with the quantitative analytical minds of business managers.”

The program’s coursework and real-world fieldwork are designed to build professionals who can organize, innovate, and empower on the macro and micro levels of an arts organization or of a business entity, thus offering students transferable workplace skills.

This degree is aimed at the professional who desires to blend the creative and the corporate: someone who wishes to be a driver of innovation and unity. Whether leading an organization outright or leading as a member of a team, the graduate of this program will be a dynamic individual who understands the higher-level thought processes required to be a liaison between the primary message and the bottom line.

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