Navigating the Future—SEU Study Abroad

With SEU Study Abroad, students can take the meaning of the word “wanderlust” and turn it into reality. They choose a program and country, pack their books, and completely change the ambiance of their college experience. Unlike a classroom, studying abroad engages all five senses.

SEU’s Study Abroad Coordinator, Rachel Roskoski, studied abroad twice while earning her undergraduate degree, and twice while earning her graduate degree. Her only regret is not doing it more. “You’ll never again have the chance after you graduate to travel with friends while simultaneously getting scholarships, financial aid and academic credit,” Roskoski says. “The value in study abroad, and how it provides a unique perspective to any future career, is impactful in so many ways.”

Roskoski says that studying abroad changed her life, academically, spiritually, and socially. “Engaging with people from multiple continents really increased my emotional intelligence and understanding of other cultures—none of which is something I would have gotten just by reading about it.”

How it works
Study Abroad opportunities are divided into major-specific and destination-specific programs, and date options range from one week (such as during spring break) to J-terms, to a full semester. Many programs provide a full minor upon completion. The office is continually adding to and improving the program offerings.

SEU currently offers:
– 13 programs that are facilitated by SEU faculty and students
– 8 Best Semester programs (available from partner locations)
– 15 Engage programs, which allow students to work with missionaries and complete courses online

Study Abroad is available to undergrad, online, and extension site students, and registration deadlines vary (in fact, it’s not too late to register for some of the Summer 2017 trips!). Some programs are eligible for financial aid; check with the Study Abroad or Financial Services office for details.

Roskoski sums it up. “I always like to tell students, you can never come back from study abroad less experienced, less knowledgeable, or less aware. You become a better person.”

Pack your bags!
Visit our Study Abroad page to learn more about this incredible program, or contact the office at studyabroad@seu.edu or 863.667.5512.

Fast Facts*
– Study abroad students earn 25% higher starting salaries than those graduates who did not study abroad.
– 90% of study abroad alumni who applied got into their 1st or 2nd choice grad school.
– 80% of study abroad students reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments.

*Source: University of California